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Abandoned Home

Some city hipsters feel like they are just working their lives away and have forgotten how to enjoy life. After some consideration, a tight group of friends decide to go to a rental cabin in the countryside for a weekend away. Little did they know that life as they knew it was forever to be changed. While on their weekend getaway, they can enjoy many property amenities, including off-roading, fishing, nature trails, star gazing, and simply enjoying the countryside's peacefulness. Shortly after arrival, they realize things are pretty different than expected, which will forever change their lives.

Weekend Deadaway is a high-suspense, high-anxiety anxiety with the heartbeat of a slasher film. We develop a story that includes character building with a twist only a few may see coming.

When you work hard, you tend to play hard, and for a couple of city hipsters they're about to find out how dead a weekend in the country can be!


Are you ready for a weekend away?  


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